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Feathers Coming in Look Abnormal After Heavy Clip..Holly Pulling Them Out!

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We've had Holly our Bronze Wing for 10 months and she had a clip in July. We don't when or if she's had a clip nor do we know her age but she has pulled 2 of her  flight feathers that have come in with stubby shafts and and the last one isn't a blood feather but the stubby shaft is wrapped around the feathers at the end so it didn't form properly.
I have seen pictures of diseased birds having  feather issues like this but the clip was too heavy(too close) and I wondered if it could have done some damage.
She's eating fine her weight is good but these feathers don't look right.
We are having a humidifier installed on the furnace because it's too dry. We switched from Prettybird Gold to Zupreem Natural because she was having an issue with it.
Need some advice.

Adam has has some flight feathers that look like what I think you are talking about, the shaft is still around the bottom of the feather and the feather looks kind of stubby and malformed. I was told by several people that it is possibly because of a damaged feather follicle and since it is only a few feathers like that not to worry

Hi Nancy
I think you posted a picture on face book and they do look like that.
It's annoying because today she finally landed like she should and it been seven months since her clip. If it's damaged primary feather follicles because of a bad clip....
Otherwise she seems fine, says hello, then tries to bite me if I get too close. If she didn't touch her pomegranates then I'd worry because they are her favourite fruit.

Nerd had a few on his left wing that never grew in right. He would pull them out many times as they grew in crooked and funny and hurt him. He knew he couldn't fly well and mostly walked everywhere but could make emergency flights and short hops. The very first time he went to the vet was when he pulled a blood feather but we had no clue what happened and there was blood every where. I hope his are OK but Nerd hung in there for 31 years and had strong little legs :icon_mrgreen:

We had a cockatiel with a birth defect, which was that the last section on one wing was missing. A few of the feathers on that wing grew in like that.  I also have seen a CAG with a damaging clip whose feathers never came in again.  I think this is called pinioning?


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