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Holly Could Have Mites


I just checked a feather Holly pulled out with a magnifying glass and its full of pin prick holes along the shaft and elsewhere.
The top of her thights are plucked bare. Now that I've checked all of her pulled feathers are full of holes.
We thought it was lack of humidity.
We've had her fo 10 months and she seemed okay. What should we do she's been all over the house! She's with the other birds. I know it can be a nasty problem to get rid of.

Take a feather to your vet. Adams Flea and Tick Mist works well against mites. Put it on a cotton ball and rub the birds feathers. Your whole house needs to be treated if you have other birds.

Had a bird years ago with mites, and she lost the feathers around her eyepatch, and the skin all over was reddish.  The vet said she had to have a shot of Ivermectin because they were not just on the surface.  Not sure what the feathers looked like.  Good luck.


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