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Vinagar can kill our birds

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I just received a really sad email and I know I would have never thought about this being toxic for birds so I thought I would share:
"We recently had a disaster in which 3 of our birds that we have owned since they were babies all died within 1 hour of one another due
 to my cleaning our dishwasher with 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Our 4th bird was unaffected even though she was in the same room. I have found out(belatedly) that if vinegar is heated it can give off fumes which can kill a bird! Even my vet and my wife's sister, who has had birds for 30 years didn't know. We can never replace our blue and gold(Captain), but we now have a house full of empty cages and a huge hole in our hearts."

OMG! What a lost! Tell them from me that I'm so sorry for their loss. ♥
And thanks Pennysmom for telling about it.

I'm sorry to hear about their tragedy :'( but thanks for the info. We try to watch getting things too hot around here just in case and Lurch is a lot farther from the kitchen in the new house too.

What a nightmare, please accept our deepest sympathies.  So very sorry. :(

I am friends with the woman who runs a rescue and has spoken to the people who lost their birds - they are interested in adopting. I know this has been going around Facebook and just want to verify it is a true story. Dr Orosz said she is not sure if there were underlying health problems but just be safe and do not hear vinegar or use it to clean appliances where it would be heated.


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