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Title: CB personality
Post by: maxsmom on September 19, 2013, 01:29:05 AM
Jan would you say CB is more reserved pionus? One breeder said something to that effect as to why he didn't breed them. And I just read a description online of them being standoffish but enjoying scritches and being nearby. But Maximilian are known for being most interactive of pionus according to description.

Wondering because Charlie loves scritches and wants me nearby but he is so reserved and has strict boundaries. Wondering how much of this is his natural personality or if he will open up more as he is here longer. I have considered a third pi that is sweet as a companion for Charlie (separate cage)...so he could have better bird interaction. Max shares space at times but not always with Charlie. Max seems so bonded to me. But Charlie may just be as he is and may not enjoy another birdie who is sweeter or a good companion bird to other birds. Very on fence and unlikely to add 3rd bird but appreciate your insights as to whether CB tend to be standoffish and reserved. So befitting of Charlie
Title: Re: CB personality
Post by: Jan on September 20, 2013, 11:48:32 PM
The Coral Bills I have had as either breeders or pets, all seem to be more on the cautious side of things so yes I suppose the word reserved is good to use. I know they tend to be confident in what they do, so if they are not sure they wait and hold back until the time is right.  I'm not sure what it is, the Maximilian and the Coral Billed are most alike in the Pi genus.  All in all, each Pi specie is all their own so I still feel that each one is unique. 

This breeder that you mention, gosh, wonder who that could be.  Truth be known he/she probably did not breed them because they did not have the CB's available to them to be able to breed them.  I loved the courtship I had with the CB's the best out of all the Pionus species I have had.

There has not been enough people out there to have had the opportunity to keep and breed CB's.  Since I sold mine back in 2009 and stop breeding birds, I've lost all touch on the wonderful world of Coral Bills.  Remember Bob Queen? I never did find out who actually bought his flock of Coral Bills, and I know 2 of their females were 2 that I raised and then traded him straight across back in 2006.
Title: Re: CB personality
Post by: maxsmom on September 21, 2013, 03:44:54 AM

I really appreciate learning more about your experience with CB. I know Charlie is hybrid but this gives me a lot of insight. He is slowly but surely and sometimes quickly and surprisingly opening up