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Title: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: Julie T on November 07, 2013, 10:11:58 PM
That is something I often wonder...
Many people grew up with birds, but I didn't. In fact, the reason I didn't grow up with birds as a kid was because prior to about 7 years ago, my mom was DEATHLY afraid of birds!! I got her over her phobia, and she is now the proud mother of completely spoiled hand raised Bourke's and Princess of Wales parakeet.

So how DID I become interested in birds?! Well... One day when I was a young adult living with my dad, I went to a pet store to get some fish food. There I saw for the first time a single male Lady Gouldian Finch. I thought he was the most gorgeous animal I had ever seen. That was it. I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO have him. So, out I walked with him, a cage and supplies  :icon_mrgreen: Adam. I just loved him. Soon followed more finches, and more, and more cages, and MORE... I soon learned the hard way that besides my beautiful collection of the more calm Gouldian Finches, the other "exotic" finches were far too wild and spastic to have in a cage in the house. Needed an aviary, so sadly couldn't keep them. Even the Gouldians started to get respiratory probs within a couple years, so had to give them to a good home with an outdoor aviary.

I needed something I could actually handle and touch. Being unfamiliar with birds besides finches, I thought of the first thing that came to mind- a Cockatiel. So I had Terry, the best little male lutino tiel. He was great - would fly right back to his cage and never cause trouble. I feel SOOO awful and sad and guilty  :'( even to this day - I got bored of him and got rid of him right before I got Robin my Red Bellied in 1994 (who I have currently). Poor Terry I hope he at least had an okay rest of his life.

There's more, but instead of boring you with all my parrot stories, I think I'll cut off here and ask YOU how you got started with birds  :)
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: Dartman on November 07, 2013, 11:50:36 PM
When we were kids we had a few parakeets, when I was probably 12 I got Ralph, a BeeBee parrot. He was very wild and I was going to givehim away but I started working with hum and we finally bonded. He was a great little bird but my step dad always hated him and the damage and mess he caused and forbid me to let him out after few years. He got very upset and frustrated so when I finally let him out he attacked me and hurt my feelings very bad. I got mad and sold him back to the pet shop I bought him from, with my step dad urging me on the whole time. My mom was livid and never forgave him for talking me into it while I was upset and I feel bad about it to this day and hope he also found another loving home.
Much later my real dad died and I still wanted another bird so my mom talked him into letting me get another bird and she found Ferd and Nerd, a pair of wild caught Maxi Pionus in 78 after she saw them at the shop and saw how quiet and calm they were. The rest is history and Ferd died fairly early into our time together but Nerd soldiered on for 31 years.
We always had any kind of pets/critters and always rescued orphaned baby birds and things and I've always liked birds.
After Nerd finally left me around Xmas 09 the family found me Lurch  because I was devastated and had already had a horrible year to that point and loosing my buddy Nerd was the last straw.
We also had a cool female house finch we rescued from a crow as a baby and she bonded with us and got 1.5 extra years with us, we called her Beeper and she was a cool flying flea and we miss her too and it was cool such a truly wild bird thought we were her world and would steal our food and jump in any bowel full of water you'd holdup for her.
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: Jan on November 08, 2013, 12:58:06 AM

It's pretty much my older sister's fault ... then my mom and dad got a bird which was a cockatiel. So I liked their tiel and then they surprised me with one for my own.  I had already been married for 10 years when I got my first bird. Then from there, it snowballed!
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: luvbirds on November 08, 2013, 12:23:44 PM

I  became a bird person from having knee surgery as a child. A bird feeder was put outside my window then as soon I was able to afford to travel my bird watching took me on trips from Canada down to Cuba and the birding hotspots elsewhere across the U.S. It was only natural for me to end up with a bird as a pet. I never imagined as an adult I'd be sharing my home with 4 parrots who have let our cats know who rules the roost. Now I'm in contact with Pi and Poi owners around the globe on a daily basis.
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: momazon on November 08, 2013, 02:52:39 PM
My daughter wanted to care for her kindergarten classroom budgie over vacations, and we were very touched and saddened by the quality of his life in the classroom.  After that, we tried to help handicapped birds, or to rehome the ones we thought we could handle.  There have been some purchases as babies, though, like Mr. Dobby. Sometimes you just gotta have some pi!!!!!!
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: maxsmom on November 08, 2013, 05:06:32 PM
Saw too on 70s show. Was it Beretta? Started fascination.... Then got a parakeet either in junior  high or high school....such an interactive being....set me on path for a tiel once I was finished all of my schooling.....can't turn  my back...I picked pionus as I hope to grow old with them....
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: BabyCricky on December 02, 2013, 01:45:51 AM
Thanks to my brother, who bought our first cockatiel in 2011. He's a male named Lulun. I did not just become a bird person, but also an animal advocate!
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: Nakia on July 07, 2014, 03:05:54 AM
I know this is an old post, hey I'm new here and why not get it started again! :wink1:

I have had virtually every kind of critter imaginable as a pet one time or another in my very long life up to now. Animals were my best friends growing up 8 yrs younger than my sister who was next to me and having a sister 10 yrs older and a brother 11 yrs older. They were all out of the house by the time I was 8 either married, graduated from high school or joined the Navy. We lived 10 miles from town so animals were my only companions.

My Mom had a parakeet when I was little that lived for a good many yrs. My Dad was always bringing me baby animals to raise when he would find them on the ranch he worked on.

My first bird was a parakeet my brother's wife gave me after she tired of it. My first bird I ever bought myself was a baby male budgie 6 days out of the nest that stole my heart with his adorable sweetness and love of life. This was 3 yrs after I married and a few finches and a Cockatiel were included during this time which was way back in 1981.

I had always wanted a macaw from the time I first saw photos of them as a child. My Mom had always wanted an African Grey. She found someone locally who had a clutch of Nanday Conures and we both took a weaned baby home. Mine finally gave up hand feeding 5 months later after he came to live with me. That was my first dealings with what a mother bird goes through. This was in 1993 and the next year I found a Orange Wing Amazon for sale that was supposed to be 3 yrs old and friendly. I brought him home, found out he hadn't been let out of his cage much and suspected he had been abused by some previous owner.  6 months later after lots of stick training and gaining his trust I was able to get him to step up on my hand and give him a few head scratches when he was in the mood, but he always feared hands and leaped instead of stepping on & off along with a loud scream. I also bought my Mom a Timneh African Grey re home who was a total doll. And I added another Amazon to my flock, a Green Cheek that I suspect was a very old ex breeder bird wild caught. It never made noise, never wanted to play with anything or move from its open perch and never wanted to interact with me or any other bird. It ate very well & stayed to itself. I did train it to be picked up, it couldn't wait to get off my hand and never liked to be scratched. After a year & a half my Mom tired of her Grey & Sent him to live with me. I had also added a male SI Eclectus which was a sweetheart. Such a vibrant green.

I kept these guys til my hubby was laid off his job of 20 yrs of oil pipeline work when the company sold out and the new company didn't hire the crew.  He went to driving a truck over the road long haul, our son was grown and he was gone weeks at a time. He wanted me to go with him so I found a great home for all my birds through a mutual friend in Carlsbad, NM. I personally delivered them and all their cages and accessories the these folks for free so my kids would have a good home. I kept in touch for a few yrs, but then as time went by I did quit for my own sainity. I still miss those guys to this day, but am happy they have had a wonderful life.

This brings me to my feathered kids I have now. I work nights 4 on & 4 off. My hubby works the same shift and we sleep during the day on work nights. I never thought I'd be able to have large parrots with this kind of schedule so I opted for a couple of budgies in 2010. In 2011 Jerry, my hubby said we should get another parrot. He missed the ones I used to have. He was thinking on another Grey as he loved Niko, the Timneh we had. I was thinking this is my chance to have the bird of my dreams which was a Green Wing Macaw! And since I knew I was the one who would be taking care of it, I was the one who went on line to find one, I was the one who would decide what we would get! OK, so I always get what I want. Hence the reason I've kept Jerry for so many yrs. Anyway, couldn't find a Green Wing in my state in Nov, but found a breeder who had Catalina. That is how I ended up with 2 brothers.Brought them home in Jan of 2012 then the rest followed. I will chat more about each one as I introduce them on here when I can add photos, meaning when I'm at my desktop and have the time.

Ummm, word of caution, I am the typical long winded Texan ya'll all have heard about!  :thdope: :icon_mrgreen:
Title: Re: How did you become a "bird person"?
Post by: momazon on July 07, 2014, 12:14:24 PM
Welcome Nakia!

It is always interesting to hear how people and birds find each other. I am a confirmed Basset Hound admirer, but since my Rosie passed away I have rehomed a couple of Shelties. Never, ever thought of myself as a bird person till my daughter fell in love with them.

We have had much joy and heartache from our flock. I rehomed one fid who became our family celebrity, and even  played tag with our Maxi.  He passed away early and I have not had the heart to take in another, although I see them here and on AA and CL needing homes sometimes.

The bright side is that we have a Maxi who is a real clown and a YNA who is like a puppy with me almost all the time (!)  We have a female sennie whose humans were being transferred in the military, and they said she had "no issues whatsoever". hahahahahahaha. Not funny...her nickname is The Barracuda. She complicates life, as she cannot be out when any other animal is around or she will fight.  This includes dogs. We do love her, but she requires special time out every night after the other two are asleep and the dogs are out. Then she is the funniest, most loving little troll you could imagine!

My hope for the future is to have more pi's who need homes and a large outdoor aviary.  Right now I have an old 3' x 10' one and a large cage for the YNA outside. I grow a garden so they can chew the herbs, like fennel and dill.

Hmm, not sure what else to write, am looking forward to hearing about your flock!