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Title: Consider giving a pionus a second or third chance
Post by: maxsmom on November 22, 2013, 12:57:51 AM
 Consider giving a pionus who needs a home a home rather than buying a baby. I have a baby pionus (now 20 months old) and a rehome pionus. So I know the joy of both......something to consider as any of us considers another pionus or becoming a pionus owner (not judging anyone just putting food for thought out there) I adore my baby but the more I learn of pi needing homes since I got my baby I know I most likely would get a rehome if I ever got another bird. Pionus are such spectacular companion birds. I am sure lots of Maxi and WC get overlooked in rescue as their colors are not as obviously brilliant as other birds. Yet we all know what spectacular pets they make. My maxi I adopted is a darling. After  the first 4 months he really settled in and it gives me joy to know I have given him a stable happy life as many birds live in more than 1 home in their lifetime. If I had more space and time another pi would be making his home with me....until that time I want to get the word out......adopt