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Title: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: lebowski on December 01, 2013, 10:54:43 AM
hi all. i already posted an introduction but wanted to make sure you other max owners knew i was here, because i am going to need your support, lol!
my as yet un-named pi, who i am calling 'pi' right now, is extremly shy. the owner of the pet store wasnt even sure she wanted me to buy him, she seemed torn between wanting him to have a chance at a home life and my naivete at owning a bird who has been, for three years living in her shop and very unapproachable. right now, morning number one and i am sitting on the couch as close to the cage as i can get. i am softly talking to him, saying things i was told he can say like, 'hi, baby' and 'whatcha doin?' and he finally is starting to eat a little of the spray millet the store owner gave me. im glad i put it in the cage now for he needs some sustenance and is clearly too freaked out to go on a adventurous search of his cal cage to find his bowls. do pi's like whole red dried chilis? i put a few along with some dandelion greens( i was feeding a reptile this morning) in a bolw at the bottom of the cage, have no idea if either of those things might appeal to him. my goal is to keep my hands away from the cage for awhile, even going into the no-dump food cup areas from outside the cage makes him run and panic. poor baby!!!
pics soon. help me name him, whats the greatest name you ever heard and you wish you had known it when you named your pi?!? lol!!! let me have it!
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: Dartman on December 01, 2013, 12:31:58 PM
They can be very wary of new things and can take a while to decide they are OK. Nerd bird usually didn't trust something new for months but once he decided it was safe he'd play with or use it. If he starts freaking out when you bring something new in probably best to take it away far enough that he's comfortable and over time he may decide it's alright. Lurch has taken over 4 years to decide we are mostly friends and OK at this point so be prepared for the long haul. Once he does decide your trustworthy and a Friend he'll want to interact with you but let him go at his own pace. They all are individuals just like people so similar but different too.
Find a food or treat he'll kill for and offer it to him and put some in his cage so he,ll eat and decide good things come from you. Nerd loved peanuts and walnuts and Lurch loves nutri berries and walnuts among others, plus any people junk food he can get his beak on. Peanuts in shell aren't the best thing for them as the dust has the asper spores in it and they are prone to get that issue.
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: maxsmom on December 01, 2013, 12:39:01 PM
Yes to red chili peppers. Normal to not eat on first day in new home. What did he eat in store? Perhaps offer that for a few days before offering new food. You are right you just want your baby to eat now
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: lebowski on December 03, 2013, 09:30:47 AM
hi, wow this is one scared bird! i had hoped at least i could get him to take a treat from me, im lucky if he even goes near the bowls after i have filled them, lol!
just terrified and agitated unless left totally alone, i have heard him talking to himself a few times when no one was around. hope i made the right decision in not getting that brown conure and taking this guy instead! keep wishing us both luck. so far, still no name, just call him shy-pi.
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: momazon on December 03, 2013, 11:25:31 AM
I would say just keep talking and singing.  When he wags his tail or moves toward you, give a huge treat, either vocally or with food, or both.  Even though he will be afraid, it will be progress.  This could take a very long time.  What kind of pi is he, besides the shy kind?  Good luck to you and know it is a wonderful thing to give a bird like this a home.  Your rewards are furhter in the future.
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: Julie T on December 03, 2013, 11:30:11 AM
Shy-Pi LOL  :) Pi's (and most any parrots) take a little while to settle into a new environment and feel safe. With gentle reassurance he should be trusting and more comfortable soon. How soon depends on how tame he is right now. Just takes patience - something I find hard haha. Looking forward to seeing updates on his progress! The conure would have been noisier.
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: lebowski on December 03, 2013, 04:17:06 PM
thanks julie! i wold have to say on a scale of 1-10 that he is, um.....not tame at all, lol!
today he DID finally take a piece of granola from my fingers through the cage, but quickly dropped it and began his frantic cage crawling again. i say 'finally' not because i expect hi to take from my hands after 3 days, but 'finally' in that i sat there, on the floor, reaching through the bars, eyes downcast, talking gently for about 20 minutes before he took it at all!
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: maxsmom on December 03, 2013, 07:04:49 PM
Give it time. They really do need time. Too soon to tell as it has to get ovet shock. Believe me I doubted myself soon after acquiring each pi. My rescue was so nervous and screaming. It all worked out. So happy with my choice
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: Julie T on December 03, 2013, 08:10:56 PM
If a bird takes food from your fingers it means they are accepting you. A bird that does not trust a person at all will not take food, or will drop it immediately. Maybe he is not as wild as you think? I know it sounds like you have a long ways to go yet, but like maxsmom says, give it time. Even if it is MORE time than you want it to take. If you never give up, he should get closer and closer eventually. I give people who have adult rehomes a lot of credit for being patient and loving enough to put in the time it takes to make a bird a good companion, since many times it takes much longer to build the trust and relationship in a bird which already has it's personality established. Best wishes Lebowski, you'll get there!
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: lebowski on December 03, 2013, 09:17:05 PM
yes, time will change things i am sure, i must not have any expectations! the interesting aspect here is that shy-pi was hand raised with a sibling by the bird shop owner, who says he's always been like this.
doesn't that seem unusual to you? she only charged me $250, says usually she sells pi's for $500, like his sister who went to a family over a year ago, maybe more.
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: Dartman on December 03, 2013, 09:53:02 PM
Nerd birds brother Ferd was very calm and easy going, Nerd was shy and standoffish and always took a long time to like anything so it's not unheard of. Like we all say they all are their own individual so you just have to give him the time and patience he needs to get used to you and his new home. They all are great little souls and he'll eventually decide your trustworthy and his friend.
Hang in there and with some time you'll have a friend for his life and it'll be hard to remember the fun at the start.
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: Julie T on December 03, 2013, 09:56:42 PM
Oh wow, that is strange about the store owner selling him for half. Lucky for you!
What is normal though, is for babies to have individual personalities that can be seen even from a very young age. My Bronze Winged who is weaning right now is by far the most outgoing of the four babies. He has one brother who the breeder said was much more skittish than the others and didn't want to be touched. She patiently worked with him every day in order to make him come around more eventually. Even so, that baby might always be a little more standoffish than some others. Just that particular bird's personality.
Maybe your hand feeder got discouraged by his early personality traits and just gave up trying to work with him on being more trusting and friendly? Just a guess. Some just take more work than others to get "tame", and even some very tame pet parrots just don't like to be touched. It just comes down to the fact that they're all individuals just like us. :)
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: lebowski on December 18, 2013, 07:12:44 PM
'Shy-pi' is doing great, we've established routines and i am perfectly happy with however he wants things to be. He is always happy to see me, usually because I am carrying a bit of toast or an almond in my hand, and as son as he hears me he begins to waggle his tail and sidle up to the bars to say hello. he is very talkative, though its all hard to make out except HI! but i can intuit a lot from him already as to his body language. he's been out on his own twice, both times reminding me of a chicken, flailing feathers, awkward flopping around, he seem happier in his cage with the cage door CLOSED.
he likes natalie merchant( yuck ) and NPR( yay!), and is super gorgeous.
i am thinking about changing his name to dharma, for he is such a teacher to me, he's VERY zen, and like a zen master whose questions have no answer and who will hit you with a stick, so he goes about telling me in every interaction with him, how to not have expectations, good or bad, and how not to judge the moment but to just be fully present within them. also he's in my meditation room( my living room) just opposite of my meditation cushion, so i feel like i have buddha in front of me and a buddha behind. he reminds me to be a buddha is not to be perfectly serene, but to be really THERE! as quiet as he is, he is really a strong presence in the house, i like him alot! i wish i could touch him, but his terms, not thine be done, lol!!!
Title: Re: new maxi-pi owner
Post by: Julie T on December 18, 2013, 09:16:50 PM
Great to hear you and the Shy-Pi have established a nice little routine! Also great you can intuitively read him. That's really an advantage for any parrot owner. I hope you and your little buddha have a really happy holiday season. Thanks for the update!