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Title: Lurch Landing on eveyone
Post by: Dartman on November 11, 2012, 02:38:01 PM
Well I guess Lurch crossed yet a few more milestones recently so might as well update about him.
He now really likes to land on my sister when she's busy in the kitchen or doing things around the house. Seems like he's curious as to what she's up to and also wants some attention. He likes me best I think but he's a all around bird and likes or tolerates anyone that shows up as long as he's not in a pissy mood now. He even landed on my step dads knee as he sat passed out on the couch here taking a nap as he's been pretty beat up lately and just had triple bypass surgery recently, went fine and he's recovering nicely. Of course now as I was typing this I realized he wasn't out yet and wanted to get the memory card for the pics and he got pissy again and bit my finger as I reached down to open his cage and he rushed out to complain... :shocking: He started making pirate swearing noises so I told him to be nice and he would alternate between trying to snap at me and let me scritch him while he complained. I finally got him a treat and told him bad birds don't get nutri berries and he decided to take it fairly nicely and it defused him a bit.
Luckily he's learned most times to pull his punches and he just pinched my finger good. I guess he's still the master of his domain and a rough tough boy not to be trifled with in his mind. Maybe wearing one of my evil hoodies wasn't helping either... :shades:
Title: Re: Lurch Landing on eveyone
Post by: Cetan on November 12, 2012, 03:09:48 PM
Love the pictures, especially Lurch flying. Adam will occasionally fly but he goes to the top of the budgies cage. Now my green cheek conure, if I leave the room she will fly to my shoulder
Title: Re: Lurch Landing on eveyone
Post by: Dartman on November 12, 2012, 04:12:44 PM
Yeah, thanks, love my digital SLR camera. That was a lucky shot as he took off just as I snapped the shutter.
He sure looks like he's in mission mode too, doesn't he.
He was off and on pissy all day after my post but finally decided we were good and landed on my chair for some scritches, and back and forth between me and sister again. She's the Nutra Berrie lady here so he always heads over to her spot on the couch and waits till she notices him to get munchies. He hasn't figured out yet to go CHIRP! like Nerd used to do when he did similar and we weren't on the ball about it.
Title: Re: Lurch Landing on eveyone
Post by: maxsmom on November 12, 2012, 05:36:49 PM
He has so much personality!