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Title: Raven... Chante and Benjamin's baby brother (and update)
Post by: Julie T on February 12, 2014, 11:15:54 PM
Bronze Winged Pi are my all time favorite species. It first caught my eye when I saw a Bronze Winged in a book in the 90's. I got my first BW back in 2005, from a bird store. She died of PDD which the vet thought she had from the nest. Maybe, or maybe she picked it up from a toy I bought somewhere? I will never know for sure.

I clearly couldn't live without a BW Pionus, so I finally found Raven. He came home about a month ago. I'm falling in love with him more every day. Raven had a little accident at the breeder's - his sibling punctured a toenail right through Raven's nare into his sinus (sounds painful!). So, long story short, it left him with a deformed right nare, and a nasty tenacious sinus infection. The infection came back (or was still slightly there) when I got him. My vet said sinus infections are usually off and on lifelong, especially with an open malformed nare, he is more susceptible. Health guarantee doesn't cover it. First treatment didn't work, so we're still fighting it with a second injection (and meds in water starting next week). I REALLY hope this treatment works. If it is not the last time this happens, I hope it is not too often. I'll be really honest - I am NOT happy about it. Disappointed and thinking "why me?!" BUT, I LOVE RAVEN SO MUCH already, it doesn't make me want or love him any less, it's just that when you get a new bird, especially a baby from a breeder, you kind of want and expect a 'perfect' one you know? Oh well, I guess that's life... He and I are really bonding though. He's super sweet, and now is "tolerating" my hands on him most of the time, but he doesn't "crave" touching. He makes it clear when he doesn't want to be touched. He's even said "hi" a few times, and is trying to talk, but it is more like just making sounds so far.
Raven came to me loving vegetables, but I noticed now he is getting very picky! Maybe he'll come around again with persistence (and lots of wasting veggies)! As soon as he started being more picky and eating less, his weight went down a bit. Instead of 249, now low 230's. The vet said he's not worried, and I felt Raven's breast and it still feels meaty and thick to me. In fact maybe he was getting a little fat at 249, come to think of it he was eating a lot of the weaning pellets then...