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Title: Raven's sinuses ongoing issue
Post by: Julie T on March 19, 2014, 11:13:46 PM
Well, I thought it was time for a little update on Raven. Some of you remember when he was weaning in December, he had an accident while still at his breeder's. His sibling ran over the top of him and punctured a toenail into his nare, damaging his sinus cavity and right nostril, and caused a sinus infection. The breeder took immediate action with her vet, and finished the course of meds she gave. I absolutely believe that she thought Raven's symptoms had subsided before she shipped him to me. Now, I know the infection was still there at a low level. Within a couple days I noticed something wasn't quite right. He'd shake his head a lot. Nothing real obvious, but after a few days passed and after I'd observe him flap for a good 10-20 seconds or so, like they do when they have clipped wings (flying in place), he'd breathe heavy and it would sound a bit "wet" like a clicking sound.

My vet did a nasal flush and a culture of the area. The results came back that Raven had three types of bacteria that did not belong in his sinuses. My vet said that the one especially stubborn bacteria is a fecal bacteria which definitely doesn't belong in that part of his body! Makes sense, the fecal bacteria was from the siblings toenail remember.  Poor Raven went through 2 weeks of antibiotic injection (one per week) and other meds after that. Still, his symptoms persist. Although it would be exceedingly rare, if Raven sneezed close enough to one of my other birds, in theory they can get it if bacteria is inhaled (I asked my vet). Also, he said because of the physical damage to the shape of the nare, and compromised nasal tissues, chronic off and on infection is a strong possibility, which could lead to a shortened life span. I am SO bummed. I love Raven so much by now, but you could understand my disappointment. He was a brand new baby that I paid top dollar for, and I received him essentially "damaged". I was hoping the antibiotics would work to make the infection clear, but since it didn't, I decided to call Raven's breeder. She needed to know about this.

First of all, Raven's breeder is reputable, and I'm not blaming her for it happening. Something like this happening in the first place was a real freak accident, and not a reflection of the quality of her babies.
Anyway, she understood the situation. Of course she wasn't happy to hear it, but she was professional, and was open to taking at least part responsibility of vet costs. I hope so. First the vets have to talk... My vet emailed the breeder's vet Raven's records and labs. So I'll give it a little time for the breeder's vet to review the records. The two vets, the breeder, and I, will be in touch with each other shortly and I'll give another update then.
Title: Re: Raven's sinuses ongoing issue
Post by: momazon on March 19, 2014, 11:26:24 PM
Thanks, this is such an unusual injury, it is good to know these things can occur.  I hope Raven is completely recovered, and costs do not go higher.
Title: Re: Raven's sinuses ongoing issue
Post by: maxsmom on March 20, 2014, 06:58:20 AM
Sounds like you have a great vet. Best wishes
Title: Re: Raven's sinuses ongoing issue
Post by: Julie T on March 20, 2014, 11:20:16 AM
Thanks, we'll see what the breeder's vet says about it and suggests. Raven's vet thinks this issue is big enough that if I want this thing really dealt with, he recommended I see a well known avian vet who is even more of a specialist. Apparently this is more than just "curing an infection". He's at least an hour drive one way, but good to know he's an option. We're not even close to being out of the woods yet. Just figuring out what to do.
Title: Re: Raven's sinuses ongoing issue
Post by: maxsmom on March 20, 2014, 06:52:05 PM
Glad you have options  :bighug: