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Title: Please Advise!!
Post by: JustaWhiteCap on March 25, 2014, 05:57:09 PM
Hello to all my Pionus lovers! I have recently adopted a 10 yr old WCP and he is an absolute doll, although we are still in the "Honeymoon" stage...  Lately Petey has been displaying some behaviour that I wanted to share with everyone and get your opinion on.

Petey has a medium size hard rubber ball that use to make noises and light up until I destroyed it with water...OH NO! But Petey doesn't care. He will feed this ball and talk to the ball and even sometime regurgitate for the ball. The other day I saw him trying to sit or mount the ball while making a purring sound. I call the ball his B_ _ ch ball, as he also can get very upset if I mess with it. Does this seem like possibly normal mating behaviour? Should I remove the ball or leave it alone? I don't want to be allowing this if it is not good for Petey.... What does everyone think??  :blink:
Title: Re: Please Advise!!
Post by: Julie T on March 26, 2014, 07:58:13 PM
I'd remove the ball since it's "much more" than a toy to him and he's treating the ball like it's his mate. It's not good to encourage sexual behavior in our non-breeder pets. It can lead to sexual frustration. If the parrot gets too frustrated, it could lead to problem behaviors.
Hopefully you'll get other answers too  :)
Title: Re: Please Advise!!
Post by: momazon on March 26, 2014, 08:04:22 PM
Bad news for Petey, I'd get some greens like carrot tops or wheat grass, or even a spider plant (they are non-toxic) and let him chew and forage a bit. There are lists of non toxic houseplants, and as wrong as it seems, they love to chew them up. Right now I am trying to sprout some sunflowers and lettuce in pots, but my boy keeps flying down and clipping the seedlings.  Still cheaper than bird toys...  Does he get time out of his cage to burn off some energy and focus on other things?
Title: Re: Please Advise!!
Post by: JustaWhiteCap on March 27, 2014, 03:58:36 PM
Thank you momazon & Julie. I recently read an article on sexual behaviour with the Pionus and their mating period is from begin of January to end of March. I then spoke to Petey's previous caretaker and she said that he only had the ball since this past mid December and only started to notice his behaviour with the ball around sometime in January. I only recently adopted Petey about begin of March, so I'm thinking this all make sense now! As March comes to a end, Petey is not as nearly active with his ball, so the mating period must be coming to a end soon. I guess I can remove the ball now!!
And to answer your question momazon, Petey does get all the time he wants to hang outside of his cage at night when I am home and then gets all weekend as well. Although usually he will always go back in his cage on his own around 730pm to go to sleep...  :icon_mrgreen: