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Title: Avian Banner Advertising & Donations
Post by: Jan on May 11, 2014, 04:30:46 PM

We offer Banner Advertising Subscriptions for any avian related website.  It can be birds, foods, supplies, toys, cages and so on.

Your banner ad will be in rotation with other banner ads and can be seen in 3 places on our board.

Banner requirements:

Your Banner must be an exact size of 728 x 90 pixels as shown in our purple one.
Image file size is not to exceed 400 kb.

(http://www.pionusparrot.com/Forum/728x90-Purple-PPF.jpg) (http://www.pionusparrot.com/advertise.htm)
You must create your own banner then when it is ready you can email it to Jan through our pionusparrot.com site on the contact page, there is an area where you can attach an image to us.  You must be sure to give the correct website address (URL) that the banner is to be linked to.  We will host the image if you can't. You will need to do all this before or after you paid for advertising.  Ad will not turn active until paid for, in which we manually set it up to appear on our forum.

Cost of Advertising:

$15.00 per month or $100 per year, you save $80 when you pay for the year.

To pay for a subscription or a Donation,  Go to:
  http://www.pionusparrot.com/advertise.htm (http://www.pionusparrot.com/advertise.htm)

We also offer a Donation button at the bottom of our advertising page for those who would like to contribute to help the cost to run our Forum.  It can be any amount, as little as one dollar and pay at anytime or make it to be paid monthly.  When you click on the donation button on the page it will take to PayPal for Blu's Bird Toys, it is payable to Blu's Bird Toys but will go towards the costs of the forum.  Thank you!