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Title: Going on Vacation
Post by: jana on August 11, 2014, 08:20:51 AM
I'm going out of town for my son's wedding for 5 days ..... I'm boarding the dogs at the Vet but I'm not sure the best thing to do with Willow, my Pionus.  I can have a friend come in the house to feed & water for those 5 days but Willow doesn't know this person & she'll be alone other than that. Im just not sure if that's ok or not.
Title: Re: Going on Vacation
Post by: Dartman on August 11, 2014, 01:20:22 PM
We always had a friend or family come in daily and make sure Nerd was OK and feed and water him. Most of the time they'd stay there for a bit so he had somebody to be with and feel like the flock was still intact.
EVERY time we'd come back though he'd be miffed and quiet and turn his back to us for a few days, then decide we'd had enough and start being happy Nerd again.
Title: Re: Going on Vacation
Post by: Julie T on August 11, 2014, 04:59:37 PM
Every bird will be different. In past years, I've left birds for weekends with enough dry food and water. For example, I'd make sure everything is in place on Friday morning, then back home Sunday evening. I'd have someone come over if I was gone longer than that to check food/water. I know some people would be in shock at reading that, but trust me, I've had beloved parrots for many years and they have always been just fine.
I've never had a Pionus during a time where I went away, but each bird regardless of species is going to react differently. I've never had a bird of any species hold a grudge. I think I act as if I "assume" they will be independent and alright, or not hold a grudge, or not freak out, and it always worked out that way. Maybe they pick up on my expectations by my subtle body language and they sense it? I don't know.

You can also board birds at an avian vet, or some bird stores, but stores might ask for recent blood work showing they don't have a contagious disease. In fact if they don't insist on that, I wouldn't leave my bird there. That of course is more money to spend.
Title: Re: Going on Vacation
Post by: jana on August 11, 2014, 07:47:57 PM
Thanks so much for your responses.  I guess if she doesn't hold a grudge for wrapping her in a hand towel & trimming her nails she'll probably get over it. Lol  She's just the smartest bird I've ever had & I totally humanize her anyway... I guess I just wanted to make sure she was "emotionally" going to be ok. That sounds funny, doesn't it? Lol
Title: Re: Going on Vacation
Post by: Julie T on August 11, 2014, 11:30:24 PM
No, doesn't sound funny at all Jana.. If you love your animals it's only natural to be concerned about how comfortable they are  :)
Title: Re: Going on Vacation
Post by: Cetan on August 13, 2014, 08:25:12 PM
I have lamps in my living room (where my birds cages are) on timers and the TV is on a timer so when I go away for a dew days and some one comes in to change their food and water and cage paper daily at least the overall routine in terms of lights on and off and TV on and off is the same as when I am home and going to work
Title: Re: Going on Vacation
Post by: maxsmom on August 15, 2014, 06:56:51 PM
First, Congrats on the wedding. What an exciting time for your family

Is it at all possible to have Willow go to your friend's house? If Willow is an only bird it may.be tough to leave him/her alone except for getting food/water. I have found that with 2 birds they handle being left with someone coming in with food better than just one bird.being left alone. If a Willow cant.go to your friends then perhaps the vet