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Title: Finally... He screams!
Post by: Julie T on August 25, 2014, 09:49:03 AM
As the title says... and some of you probably remember when I curiously mentioned before that Raven NEVER screams. On Thursday, Raven will be 1 year old and within the past month or so, has just started this morning screaming for a few minutes like a normal parrot lol. My Poi's aren't morning screamers, but that's beside the point. They're not normal lol :) I'm not sure if it's because Raven is happier now since he has a new best friend my Ruppell's parrot, or he likes the room better since we moved (in June), or just because he's getting older?

So now I'm very curious at about WHAT AGE (if you got them as a juvenile) you first heard the scream. Until recently, I literally had not heard what Raven sounded like (beyond talking and lower volume quacks, growls, peeps, and such). When I had Adrion (female BW) she rarely ever screamed, and I wonder if it was more because she was a female, or because she was only a year old when she passed, and hadn't gotten to the noisy stage yet?

Another thing I find curious is that with Adrion, her scream was different than Raven's. It was high pitch but "normal sounding". I realize they're not all identical, but Raven's is something else!! :shocking: He has a more exaggerated high pitched discordant super screechy screech. It's not super loud as far as parrots that size go, but that pitch can shatter glass. I wish I could record it to show what I mean. It is a 'broken, discordant, dry, high pitch screech' while Adrion and other Pi's I've heard don't quite sound like that with their natural call. It's almost as if he's making the sound come out like that on purpose. :shocking:

Anyone want to compare notes? Not that I think anything is wrong, just wondering about others.
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: momazon on August 25, 2014, 05:47:16 PM
Yes, I know the sound, our rehomed BW used to do it when she was being kind of crazy.  Not sure why, but Dobby, who is a Maxi, has only actually screamed twice, and sounded like a monkey both times.  The rest of the time he does a "kak-kak-kak" noise in groups of three each.  The BW sounds wildly chattery or hysterical when they do their choppy noise, sort of like they can"t get their breath in between noises. Each type is quite different, IMO. 

Glad Raven is revealing his abilities to you as time goes on!
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: Dartman on August 25, 2014, 08:48:00 PM
Nerd had a LOUD flock call he used, kinda BAWEEEP!. Lurch just goes wooo! Most times but he has a very whiny cry when he's really upset. He also has a loud harmonal or pissed off honk he does from time to time.
He also does the three time KACK! KACK! KACK! when attacking toys or upset. They can have a very loud alarm call too and Nerd used to always warn us when hawks or crows were about.
Lurch hates the neighbors cat and crows flying by and will get upset and start giving warning clucks and question type chirps.
Sometimes if Lurch is really happy or upset he'll go kinda go chip chip chip real fast.
Nerd used to look at me with happy eyes and just go ERK! when he was really happy with life and content. He also had a little high pitched  trill type whistle when happily going to sleep or drinking fresh cool water.
Nerds noises were based on wild maxi noises and Lurch seems to have built in similar noises and things he's picked up and learned or made up on his own.
None of my Maxis were babies and had all their calls and noises down when they came to me.
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: Jan on August 25, 2014, 11:43:13 PM
My Blu is very quite and she does not scream and she really does not even make her morning or evening calls.

Perhaps he is testing his skills of the vocal kind!! LOL! Some birds can be on the "screamer" side of things.  Has anything changed for him recently that he might not be happy about? 
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: Nakia on August 26, 2014, 01:37:16 AM
Sierra never screams in the sense of a real parrot scream. She does however scream Ewok  as loud as she can when I first get in from work in the mornings.  That being said it is by far not a very loud sound, but then I'm used to the  loud greeting screams I am blessed with from my macaws. When I drive up in my yard I hear lots of screaming and dogs barking coming from the house. Good thing no one lives right next to me out here.

Sierra basically just says her phrases which always include Ewok doing something.  She actually doesn't know her real name. If she doesn't like something I say she gives a funny sounding jernt sound. And when she's mad, strutting & flaring her tail she is jabbering all the things she knows how to say as fast as she can and it runs together.  She's funny when she's doing this and I can't help but laugh at  her. Sometimes she will add a laugh in the mix.
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: maxsmom on August 26, 2014, 06:33:23 AM
Charlie screams occasionally. He will switch it to speaking though as I do not respond to screaming but I give him treats for speaking. My first 4 months post adoption were horrible with his screaming all the time.  So glad life has changed
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: Julie T on August 26, 2014, 09:36:39 PM
Interesting. Besides individual difference, maybe the different types of Pi's have different sounding calls?

Jan, it does maybe sound like he's just realized he has a voice, and is testing it out LOL! It's such an awkward sounding screech. Like he barely has control of the pitch :shocking: it's hard to explain, but it can shatter glass. :shocking:

Since we moved here in June, the birds actually seem happier. This has only started this month. It's not like incessant screaming or anything like that, just a few outbursts here and there at random times.

I've never heard the kak kak kak that you've heard Dobby and Lurch do. I wonder if all Pi's do, or if it's Maxi language?
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: Dartman on August 26, 2014, 09:52:31 PM
Nerd never did the KACK thing, but he liked to make a loud snapping noise by snapping his upper and lower beak together. I think he did it to emphasize he was a rough tough bird or sometimes just a comment when happy or upset.
It'd go like CLICK,CLICK,CLICK,CLICK real fast.
Lurch seems to have a different but similar language, but he also talks. Nerd never bothered and I made his noises back at him and we understood each other just fine, he even knew his name and had a call that was my name he had for me I think.
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: Julie T on August 26, 2014, 10:01:06 PM
...and had a call that was my name he had for me I think.

Aww, Nerd... :love5:

Robin does a "click-peep" or a click followed by a soft "wooooo" ONLY to me, and only when we say good night. I think it means something like good night, I love you. Although he does know how to say "I love you" during the daytime, and he uses it appropriately!
Title: Re: Finally... He screams!
Post by: momazon on August 27, 2014, 12:45:10 PM
Julie, the kakking did not happen till Dob was hormonal, sometime around the end of his second year.  It is a hell raisin' routine--he just did it in the front window to dhallenge a bluejay in the pine tree outside.  He shadow boxes that jay and warns it every day, but it doesn't seem to learn!