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Title: New to the Bronze Wing
Post by: Connery Rose on August 25, 2014, 11:42:50 AM
I just received my Bronze Wing (Jazzy) 4 days ago. He is 14 & I already can tell cute stories about him! In addition I have a super smart African Grey (Connery), 4 Love Birds, 1 Cockateil, 1 Canary, 7 Finch, 3 Sun Conures, and funny Parakeets. I am devoted to all my birds and birds are what I enjoy doing. Being retired lets me fuss with them all the time. I cook most of their meals, sing them individual night songs and usually am covered with birds (NO NOT POO).
I would love to hear any facts or stories about your Bronze Wing.
Title: Re: New to the Bronze Wing
Post by: Julie T on August 25, 2014, 01:22:47 PM
Hello! Welcome. :)

Coincidentally out of our little group here, there seem to be an abundance of Bronze Winged even though typically they are one of the less common Pi's!

I first saw a pic (many years ago) of a BW when I got a book which showed all of the hundreds of known parrot species (whether in captivity or not). Out of all those, I saw Bronze Winged Pionus and I remember I thought "ooh, now THAT'S interesting looking!" Although certainly not the brightest most colorful parrot, and the book didn't even have a good picture, something about it really caught my eye.

I probably got that book after(?) I got my Red Bellied parrot? Don't remember. Anyhow, in about 2005, I had recalled my interest in the Bronze Winged Pionus, and I set out to get one. :) I found an adorable baby at a local bird store along with her 3 siblings. I had picked one out and named the baby Adrion :). After I took her home I received DNA results as female. She was well handled and cuddled while being hand fed and weaned by the loving store owner. This resulted in an unusually hands on, cuddly Pionus. Also probably helped that she was a female. Long story short... although I bought a "beautiful" bird, in the end, she was diagnosed with PDD and lived until she was about 13 months old.

I now have another Bronze Winged. A male named Raven. He will be 1 year old this week. I'll make a post for his birthday :). I love Raven a lot, but his personality is very much different from Adrion. Some is individuality I'm sure, some is the fact that he's male, as male Pi's are usually a bit different from females. Raven loves Don, and is very tolerant with him grabbing his body and smother-cuddling him. That's very rare for Pionus, let alone one who doesn't like to be touched much by me (his owner)! I have to bribe him to do things, Don doesn't. I'm not looking forward to his inevitable hormonal period. I need to take the time NOW to study up on handling a crazy male Pionus.
Raven LOVES all types of toys, including foot toys. He enjoys sitting in his Kleenex box full of toys :). He also has a best birdie friend, my Ruppell's parrot Griffin. With Griffin, Don, and his toys, he's happy.... Oh, then there's the 'other person' who feeds, cleans, protects and provides for his well being! He's ungrateful lol :wink1:

Title: Re: New to the Bronze Wing
Post by: Connery Rose on August 25, 2014, 02:24:39 PM
Hi again,
I'm kind of leery of Jazzy as I saw how his previous owner handled him..on a huge bath towel wrapped on her arm! Jazz bit and I could tell was afraid. He watched me last night while I was holding others so I put on my big girl bird pants and he stepped right up on my arm. I was so pleased. I know I need to build trust.
My male Sun Conure is absolutely frightening when he's in season! Him and his 2 daughters have my master bedroom and bath as their cage & I'm one of the flock. After 14 years of Sun's I will be watching Jazzy's body language for aggressive behavior. I have found ALL male birds, even my parrotlet (Fleeah) gets crabby.
Is this site open to all breeds of parrots?
Title: Re: New to the Bronze Wing
Post by: Julie T on August 25, 2014, 06:16:27 PM
There is an "Other Species" forum on this website :) where we could post about non-Pionus birds.

I hear you with the male birds. My Red Bellied parrot is an absolute monster during hormonal times. Especially when he was younger. I've heard about aggressive female parrots, but for the most part it's the males who are worse... just like mammals lol. :)

You sound like you're well on your way to building trust with Jazzy :). I know he'll come around for you. For now, I'd let him settle in and get used to his new surroundings. Let him observe, and see what life in your home is all about. Pionus are not as extroverted as some other species, and like to look first before diving in.  :)
Title: Re: New to the Bronze Wing
Post by: Marisol on August 27, 2014, 07:37:04 PM
Hi Connery Rose, and welcome! :hello1:
 I am a newbie as well, and was very glad to see this forum! I have a 5 year old BW male Pi (going thru his hormonal nightmare at the moment!) I also have a wild caught 39 year old Blue Front Amazon, and a 28 year old Moluccan cockatoo.
 I know everyone says that Pi's are not cuddly, but this birds are still very loving, at least Taco is. Always happy to come out of his cage in the morning, happy to stay in your lap while he plays, happy to see his food approaching his plate, and super happy to sit and share a meal out of your plate!.
 Sounds like the old owner might have been a bit afraid of his own bird. I have seen so many people 'give up' and stop trying after they get that awful bite. I think we should all follow the old cowboy rule " If you get bucked off the horse, you right back on it!'. Of course with a parrot you might want to wait a wee bit,  :shocking: but you just don't give up!. Good luck with your new baby!
Title: Re: New to the Bronze Wing
Post by: Dartman on August 27, 2014, 08:10:20 PM
You have a bird, your going to get bit sometime even if by accident. Nerd loved me but when hurt or scared would bite. I wasn't scared of him and he absolutely trusted and loved me in his own way but bites happened from time to time.
When Lurch first got here he was letting me scratch under his chin and suddenly whipped around and tore a chunk off my finger. I think he had a bad thought, was scared to death, and lashed out. After that I realized we weren't going to be best buds immediately and adjusted how I dealt with him. He was scared and I was concerned about getting bit again but we slowly became friends. He'll still get pissy and bite and I respect him and he's learned to give more clear warnings and not try as hard and fast to bite.
Too bad a bird has a bad day or time and folks freak and give up when maybe the bird was about to decide you had had enough and are friend.
Lurch spends most of his time stealing my dinner, sitting on my knee, begging for scratched and treats. Its been a battle but we are coming to a understanding :shades: