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Title: optomega
Post by: WaywardFlock on August 30, 2014, 06:50:23 PM
Hey guys, I adopted a plucker, took her to the vet, clean bill of health so he prescribed optomega to give to her twice a day.
It is helping her as she is letting some chest feathers grow in!
What does this mean was wrong with her in the first place for her to need this though?
I called the vet who was too busy to take my call so I left a message asking my question. He had an assistant call and tell me that it just calms the bird down.  :headscratch:
She didn't know anything more, that's all he told her to tell me.
....I'm hoping you guys can be of more help.
Could it mean hormonal calming down? Stress calming down? I would like to help her main issue rather than just have her on calming oil for the rest of her life.
If it's an omega oil I would have guess that maybe her diet was lacking something?
She is on harrisons pellets. Shes very very picky about her greens unfortunately. She loves peas, corn, edemame, apples. Occasionally a carrot. I've seen her take a bite of a piece of raw spicach, but it is very rare. She likes food that is fun to eat. Like de-shelling the peas. Were still working on healthier things but it's slow going.
on the pellets I can't believe that her diet would be that lacking though.
She has a huge cage, door always open, lots of toys that she never touches, foraging wheels so no free feeding pellets, although she has mastered it so eats just as easily as if they were just in a bowl.
She always seemed more irritated and itchy about it than bored plucking.
I've posted on here before and a lot of you guys didn't have any experience with pluckers (thanks goodness for you guys, its heartbreaking and frustrating) but I figured I try. I got her this way, I was hoping she just needed more love an attention, but that's not the case I guess. I just want her happy and comfy in her own feathers . :)
Title: Re: optomega
Post by: momazon on August 31, 2014, 02:30:20 PM
Sorry, have only had one plucker,a cockatiel, and she did so from being ignored by my ex. With more attention, she stopped.

I have heard that giving enormous amounts of foraging and shredding material helps.  The supplements like Avicalm work because they calm the urge to pull. Have read that skin irritants are thought to be causes, like from smoking or fragrances in the home.
Title: Re: optomega
Post by: WaywardFlock on August 31, 2014, 03:28:52 PM
yeah, all things I've heard to. She started plucking in her last home after being fine for 10 years, so they gave her up.
I am very careful about any scented anything, all green and safe cleaning products, no smoking in my house ever.
 She has tons to shred, chew, explore,...but she doesn't. She is more refreshed after a shower and starts to play, but once dried off, shes back to not moving and chewing on her self.
I had wondered if it might be an allergy to the harrisons? but my vet said it wasn't possible.
Something must be causing her skin irritation and it's driving me nuts I can't help her.
Title: Re: optomega
Post by: momazon on September 01, 2014, 12:33:53 AM
Other members with more experience will be along soon, there is always a lot of information here    :)
Title: Re: optomega
Post by: Jan on September 19, 2014, 10:47:34 PM
Her plucking may have and most likely was due to from something either stressful with her previous owner and life style and she was not happy.  Cockatoos thrive on attention so it may have been lack of that.

The Omega supplement is probably calming her nerves which is giving her a little peace within.

Checkout out Avitech links below - they have a lot of various supplements that I know many people buy and trust in mending their bird's ailments and habits.    You can call Janelle there she will explain or describe the supplements to you in how their work or what is best for your bird's  situation!!