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Title: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: ironhide1975 on February 19, 2015, 06:09:07 AM
I'm seeking advice to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. My one Pionus has had a re-occurring Bacterial infection. We've cleared this up twice now and he continues to have mucas. During these issues the vet has prescribed medication and my neighbor (who runs the vet clinic) has been nice enough to come over and flush the nose of the bird (much to the trauma of my pionus.) We've recently purchased a humidifier to provide some a more humid environment as we are wondering if the dryness of winter might be causing the problem. Today, he seems in better spirits but continues to have mucas.

I was wondering if anyone else has seen this, or had a problem similar to this. Buddy (my pionus) is about 24 years ago and while he's an older bird he's definitely in decent shape. We're hoping this is the last time we have to do this but if anyone else has had a similar problem I'd appreciate to know about it.

Thank you in advance - Anthony
Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: momazon on February 19, 2015, 12:32:36 PM
Hi and welcome, sorry to hear your birdie is having trouble.  I cannot offer experienced advice, but others here have had sick babies, and will no doubt be along shortly.

There are probiotics that strengthen immune systems, and I have had very good results with human supplements. This made me think that the birds might do well with them, so  during stressful times, I have given them this,     

PetAg Bird & Reptile Bene-Bac | Vitamins & Supplements ...
www.petsmart.com ... Health Care Vitamins & Supplements

    Item 36 - 14154 - This is a concentrated live culture of five common bacteria found in the intestinal tract of birds. This is a concentrated live culture of five common ...

There are others on the market, one by Harrison's, and I have also seen articles that talk about probiotics.  Vitamin A is often recommended for respiratory issues. I give A, D, and CoEnzyme Q-10 to mine, since we live where it is cloudy much of the time, and indoor air is not as healthy as being outside, for any of us.

Just some ideas, do not mean to tell you things you might already know.  Good Luck!
Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: ironhide1975 on February 19, 2015, 04:53:38 PM
Thanks for the insight. The vet did give some pro-biotics to use after the treatment to kill the bacteria. Also gave some vitamins to use in the water as well.

We'll see how things go. Thank you again for your feedback.
Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: maxsmom on February 19, 2015, 05:01:56 PM
Julie T may have some feedback
Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: Julie T on February 19, 2015, 11:36:22 PM
Hi, I'm sorry that Buddy is going through this. My experience was a little different I think, but I'll summarize what happened with Raven and his bacterial sinus infection. There was an accident that happened while he was still at the breeders house, a few weeks before I got him. I was contacted right away, and was told a sibling had run right over the top of Raven and stuck it's sharp toenail into his nostril creating a wound, as they were all excitedly scrambling to get out of the cage as the breeder opened the door. Bacteria in the deep puncture wound caused the infection. The breeder's vet prescribed meds which the breeder injected into Raven for the course of the treatment. By now he was fully weaned, and when the infection seemed to be gone, he was shipped to me. When I met Raven, all symptoms DID seem to be gone. This breeder has a good reputation, and I truly believe she did think it was completely gone. Well, the infection most likely was still in there and not entirely gone, because a week later I did notice some heavy breathing at times (not the Pionus wheeze) and or wet sounding. It took 3 vets total (breeder's vet, my first avian vet, and the more specialist avian vet) and oral meds and more injections and flushes = $$$, but finally no more symptoms since last spring. However, he did need to have his nares cleaned out with a curette by the vet several times, to clear out the (surprisingly large amount) of dried junk leftover from the infection. He still gets build up that I can see through his nostrils in the right lighting, but not enough to bother anything.

I DID FIND OUT though... that because this injury had left one of his nares and sinus cavity misshaped and deformed, it does have trouble draining the sinus at times (which is probably why the buildup gets there), and he gets a clear discharge for about one day now and then. The vet told me this will happen from time to time because of the shape of the sinus. Interestingly... While grooming the excess layers off Raven's beak, my vet said, "he was bitten here (pointing to his nare and upper beak), that wasn't a puncture from a toenail". So who knows. Maybe the breeder 'thought' she saw the way it happened but it didn't happen that way. It doesn't matter now what started it all, but I tell you, it sure was a process getting him well, and in the end the breeder ended up refunding me half the purchase price for Raven. That was decent of her. Though I'd spent over $1000!

Best of luck with Buddy. Keep us posted :)

Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: Julie T on February 19, 2015, 11:46:24 PM
Anthony, I just re-read your posts. I think Buddy still needs antibiotics. It sounds like he's not on any meds now? Sorry if I misunderstood. If he is still sick at this point, probiotics and vitamins aren't going to make it go away. He needs medication. I know you say the vet is your neighbor, which might be awkward to get a second opinion somewhere else, but you might want to think about it.. Or at least bring up the subject of medicating him with a different antibiotic (if he is truly still sick - exhibiting symptoms) and see what he says. If he says it's not necessary I'd question that. Bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract are not easy to knock out. Good luck.
Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: ironhide1975 on June 18, 2015, 05:39:43 AM
Just wanted to follow up on this. Last time I took Buddy to the vet he was all clear bacterial infections.

Its been a few months now and he does seem to still have some mucas come and go, but it doesn't seem to effect his behavior. He's acting pretty normally. Probably will take him in for a followup visit here soon but I'm wondering if this is just something he will have to deal with due to his age (he's 25).

Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: maxsmom on June 18, 2015, 06:05:51 PM
you are smart for regular vet checks with an older pionus

I hope you join us on www.avianavenue.com.....there is a pionus section
Title: Re: Continued Bacterial Infection?
Post by: momazon on June 19, 2015, 12:48:25 PM
Glad to hear the infections are clear, and hope to  see you in the other pi forums!