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Title: Beaking
Post by: maxsmom on February 22, 2015, 08:08:32 PM
My cutie has seemed to have finally mastered beaking!!!! He is approaching 3 years next month. He has been beaking me a.lot to warn or communicate for months. Today I was splitting up one of the rough & tumble sessions...sometimes I have to grab a towel as I worry one day my boys will hurt each other in rough play and I use the towel to quickly split up the boys. Today I asked Maximus for step up to split up the rough play. Max just beaked me and stepped away from Charlie....good job my boy

For those who do not know me and Maximus, I have had him since 4 months. He has been bitey and I have suffered a bad bite. I know lots of folks who have birds as babies do not suffer bites but Max and I have had to go through hormones etc to get to this place and it has not been easy...I take full blame for bites....thanks for teaching me my sweet Max.

Now I mainly get bites with a protagonist...dental floss, tape, or screeching sounds....so it is my job to keep these evil things from my boy

Title: Re: Beaking
Post by: maxsmom on February 23, 2015, 08:49:15 AM
Sigh. He nailed me today when I asked for step up when he had no interest in going to his cage.

I spoke too soon

oh well, I love you anyway my boy
Title: Re: Beaking
Post by: Fuzzy on February 23, 2015, 08:30:23 PM
Title: Re: Beaking
Post by: Dartman on February 23, 2015, 09:54:26 PM
Lurch has been really good lately, no real go for broke bites,  :hbeat:but he's Lurch so it'll happen again but we're getting there. Nerd used to love to nibble and beak all the time, it was one of his things.
Lurch will take his nose/beak and push against my fingers and hand to request scratches, but doesn't really beak much yet, and of course with his history I'm careful about that if he tries just in case its a bite instead of play.
You and Max are coming to a understanding and eventually it should be more interaction and play then bites, he's getting there.
Title: Re: Beaking
Post by: maxsmom on February 23, 2015, 11:37:46 PM
Oh, Max has always played a lot with me. He is very affectionate and velcro. I just haven't always been aware of triggers for bites.  I am listening to him much better.