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Title: Adam's health issues
Post by: Cetan on March 27, 2015, 01:43:38 PM
Sorry I have not been posting much. Back at the end of January one morning Adam was sneezing. I had a vet appointment that day for one of the budgies but decided to bring Adam in instead. When we got to the vet he promptly sneezed for about 5 minutes straight. She put him on 10 days of antibiotics and antifungals (she always adds those in to be safe) and took blood. Plus his weight was way up to 340 gr. So he went on a strict diet of only Roudybush AL prescription for liver disease (also low fat) pellets, fresh veggies and 2 Nutriberries a day dosed with milk thistle and dandelion tincture plus 1/2 walnut every few days. When his blood work came back as we knew his white cell count was high but his cholesterol and triglycerides were though the roof plus his bile acids were high. I realized he had been literally eating Goldenfeast treats for 2, after finishing his he would go over to Chante's cage and eat everything left there which was a lot because Chante wasn't too interested. He finished all his antibiotics although the last 4 days was a struggle for both of us. After 7 weeks we redid his blood work and his white cell count is now normal, his triglycerides while still high are way, way down (one quarter of what they were) but his cholesterol is still high as are his bile acids. My vet consulted with another avian vet and I independently consulted with Dr Speer and the consensus is strict diet to get his weight down and encourage more exercise. My vet also wants to try putting him on a very low dose of Lipitor to try to get the cholesterol down. I was initially hesitant but read several studies including NIH ones which have shown it improves liver function in cases on non alcoholic fatty liver disease
Title: Re: Adam's health issues
Post by: Dartman on March 27, 2015, 07:35:15 PM
Sorry to hear about his issues but sounds like he's responding and you all have a plan. Nerd started coughing one time way back, took him to the vet, said he's coughing, she said Parrots don't cough and he did it right in front of her.
They took him in and did some tests and I THINK he had some kind of infection going on and they gave us some tasty antibiotic stuff for it. Luckily he wasn't real keen but accpeted my manhandling him and got better fairly quickly. I would finally just stuff his beak up beside the bars and squirt it into his mouth as he would allow me into his cage grudgingly because he had respect and trust in me, and I tried not to take advantage very often to keep it that way and respect his home boundaries.
Hope he gets better quickly :smallhug:
Title: Re: Adam's health issues
Post by: momazon on March 27, 2015, 10:21:11 PM
Sorry to hear about Adam's health, but it sounds like he can get better with all you are doing.  You are a very good parront! Keep up the good work and thanks for letting others know specifics that might help us later. 
Title: Re: Adam's health issues
Post by: Julie T on March 27, 2015, 10:47:38 PM
I'm so sorry to hear about Adam! Fingers crossed that everything works out well :). I'm looking forward to a good update in the future! Please keep us posted.
Title: Re: Adam's health issues
Post by: maxsmom on March 29, 2015, 03:21:46 AM

I have been wondering how you are so glad to see you post, but not about this! I admire you for maintaining the strict diet....not an easy feat. It sounds like Adam is under great care and responding to treatment. I hope his cholesterol improves. How old is Adam again?
Title: Re: Adam's health issues
Post by: Cetan on March 31, 2015, 10:00:16 AM
Not sure how old he is exactly since he came from a rescue with no info. But I did a little detective work and he has a generic closed AFA band. I have been in touch with Nancy Speed who is the AFA president and used to breed blue heads and she told me by the band number is was most likely sold in around 1996 or 1997 which would make him somewhere around 17 or 18