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Title: So much to learn!
Post by: vampiric_conure on August 08, 2016, 01:36:16 AM
I'm beginning to realize how much of a 'big bird' attitude August has compared to my cockatiels, and even my conure. It's subtle, but it's there. Like him screaming until I feed him. (Hey, slave? I CAN SEE THE BOTTOM OF MY FOOD BOWL! ) and how he reacts to having his cage opened. I've owned a lot of birds over the past 15 years and August is certainly a new twist on the 3 species of conures, the budgies and nuuumerous cockatiels I've been slave to. I don't know how you with multiple Pi's do it. Or Pi's with bigger birds! It's exciting ( Yaaay! New bird!) and scary (Don't bite me!!) rolled into one.  Believe me - I am not looking forward to being bitten officially by my little stinker. I mean, August has 'bitten' me, but it was my fault. I had him toweled to capture him and he was unimpressed with me. It was an impolite squeeze more than anything.  I've read stories of hormonal biting and holy heck! I gotta learn how to ready his body language! 

No point to this post. Just rambling about my fears with August. Don't want to screw up!  :shocking:
Title: Re: So much to learn!
Post by: Dartman on August 08, 2016, 02:56:38 PM
My first two Maxis were very gentle and tended not to bite, but Nerd would if he was hurt or scared and there usually was a reason I could discern even if it was only to him.
Lurch had had a bad time after his old man owner was put in a home and he was left with the rest of the family that didn't care about him. Because of that he was mad at the world, scared to death and quick to bite without warning as he learned warnings no longer worked.
Dobby is a well socialized Maxi that Momazon and her daughter raised. All he has ever known is love and happiness so he has never bitten us yet and is very gentle and likes everyone, though my sister seems to be his favorite as pretty sure she reminds him of Momma.
They are all their own individual personality with similarities between them.
Dobby will bluff and threaten a bit if something is not to his liking and he will half-heartedly strike at me through the cage bars when he's put out about bed time but that's about it for him.
Usually if he doesn't like something he just moves away.
Title: Re: So much to learn!
Post by: Jan on August 09, 2016, 09:58:39 PM

Pionus rule, you know that, right?  There is always something new to learn and it changes often through out the course of time.  Glad you are learning all about him!!