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Title: Typical Pionus... Afraid of new looks
Post by: Julie T on September 08, 2016, 08:37:38 PM
Raven has always loved his dad as his favorite chosen person (even though he's my bird). Yesterday, he decided to cut his hair (he has a clipper set), and he had an oops happen, and had to shave all his hair off ::). I'm not happy about that at all  >:( but it looks like Raven is even more unhappy about it! He walked into the room, and Raven had a major freak out! I mean an all out blind panic like I've never seen in him before! I'm glad he didn't hurt himself as he crashed around the room at lightning speed, and thank God he didn't bust through the screen of the opened window! Don does look extremely different now.

What is very interesting is that my 2 other parrots in the room of different species didn't even look twice at Don, they just knew who he was. He was able to snuggle Robin as usual, and say hi to Griffin. I had Don just stay out of the room for the rest of the day. The next day, Raven didn't freak out at him, but he does stop what he's doing and walks away fast to try to hide on the back of the cage (on the play top). He did step up for Don a couple times for a split second though. We'll see how close to normal his hair has to get before Raven gets comfortable with him again lol.

This seems to be a common reaction with Pionus from what I hear. I've had several other species as well, and Raven (my only Pionus) seems to be by far the most sensitive to change in appearance. I wonder if Pionus rely on their sense of vision more than most other parrot species? They do have large eyes! :icon_mrgreen:
Title: Re: Typical Pionus... Afraid of new looks
Post by: Dartman on September 08, 2016, 09:30:04 PM
Lurch had triggers that would either freak him out or do homicidal kamikaze attacks on the offending person. I  wear the wrong hat, I get bit, Sandy cut her long hair short he thought she was a Yeti that needed to be attcked and driven away, when she put her hair in a bun she was Sandy/mom again.
Dobby liked me at first, then realized Sandy looks kinda like Momazon,  does cool things with food, and gives good scritches so now she's his chosen one. He doesn't freak out about changes though, if he doesn't like some he avoids it and walks away or turns his back, talk to the tail :biglaughing:
Title: Re: Typical Pionus... Afraid of new looks
Post by: momazon on September 09, 2016, 01:04:45 PM
I think this is typical, and poor Terry, you have yet to see Dobzilla come out when you wear hats, hoods, or have wet hair.  A velour robe is also a secret signal to kamikaze your head.  They are the funniest birds I have ever seen!

At least when I cut my hair he did not call me an ugly girl like the zon did.
Title: Re: Typical Pionus... Afraid of new looks
Post by: Julie T on September 09, 2016, 09:46:43 PM
I can have a towel on my head or come in with sunglasses, and he is fine. I guess Don's bald head was just too much. Today Raven was still wary, but his initial shock has worn off. One time he climbed up Don's arm to his shoulder like usual, but it took him longer to trust today, instead of running right up his arm. I have never had Raven on my shoulder before. He is so tolerant with Don (never bit him in 3 years), but won't hesitate to bite me, so I'm a bit uneasy about the shoulder. I think he'll get used to his lack of hair pretty soon. It'll grow fast ;).
Title: Re: Typical Pionus... Afraid of new looks
Post by: Dartman on September 09, 2016, 10:02:43 PM
Yep, be careful about shoulder time if you two aren't totally trusting of each other.  Lurch REALLY wanted on my shoulder when he first started to decide I was trustworthy, but then he'd get frustrated and pop me in the neck because something he wanted wasn't happening.
Of course sometimes you just have to take a chance to make these little breakthroughs. I remember the day Lurch looked at my face while I was looking at him while he was getting drinks from the bathroom sink faucet. He looked really hard at me then very gently touched my nose like your alright, I love you. I figured I was going to get popped and instead he wanted to let me know he cared.
You just have to read em and be prepared just in case.
Title: Re: Typical Pionus... Afraid of new looks
Post by: Julie T on September 10, 2016, 11:03:19 AM
I agree Terry :). Not every parrot is a shoulder parrot, and that's okay. We don't 'have to' have them up there as is so stereotypical.. isn't that where we always imagine a parrot on someone's body lol. Even Robin, my most cuddly bonded bird who I've had for 22 years now, I don't put on my shoulder.

You're right too, with the taking little chances step by step in order to see progress. I've worked with my Ruppell's parrot after he went from a cuddly baby to developing an uncommon phobic disorder overnight. It's been a bit over a year now, and while hell never be quite the same, we have come a long way with slow but consistent training.
Title: Re: Typical Pionus... Afraid of new looks
Post by: Dartman on September 10, 2016, 11:10:24 AM
Well keep working slowly with the problem child. As you know it took Lurch about 5 years to mostly come around and be happy and loving and he still had a pissy streak, it was just who he was. I bet eventually he too will realize he's safe again and you are trustworthy and wont hurt him.
Lurch just slowly got closer and allowed more as I let him do as he pleased while we were close to him. After he realized we hadn't eaten or beat him he opened up faster and faster and allowed more things.