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Title: New Member Here!
Post by: cab124 on November 26, 2017, 05:57:07 PM
Hi there fellow parrot lovers!

On Monday morning, I suddenly lost the only parrot I have ever had: my White-capped Pionus, Cosmo, after 21 awesome years.  Needless to say, I miss her very, very much.

Though I stopped by the forums many times, I thoughht that I woiuld create an account so that I can contribute a little bit.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!

Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: Dartman on November 27, 2017, 09:53:27 PM
I'm sorry you lost her but it sounds like she knew she was safe and loved to the end. You've already read about my birdsso I'd say when your ready open your heart to another bird that needs a loving family for the rest of it's life. I wasn't sure I wanted or was ready for another bird after loosing Nerd but family thought otherwise and found me Lurch and we were good for each other.
Hope to see you posting and maybe a new addition someday.
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: cab124 on November 28, 2017, 05:36:03 AM
Hey Dartman!

I need to find the posts where you talked about your birds and catch up.  I would enjoy learning more about them.  Would you post a few pictures of your current bird?

Yes, I will eventually consider another bird.  I really enjoyed having Cosmo around each day.  But there is so much to consider:  Where can I find another bird?  Should I go to a breeder, or a rescue?  Which Pionus species should I consider?  I have to think about these things.

Also, Cosmo was a female who had a lot a behavioral problems because of hormones and nesting behavior.  I am starting to think that maybe female white caps are prone to this because I see many youtube videos of white caps exhibiting this type of behavior.  Maybe I will consider a male for my second parrot in order to avoid those types of problems and to learn what its like to interact with a male (with its own set of challenges, I am sure).

I also want to spend some time studying bird diet and thinking of ways to improve my approach.

Parrots are absolutely amazing creatures and I would eventually love to have another one!!!
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: Dartman on November 28, 2017, 05:02:32 PM
I think if you hit my user icon you can search for posts started by me and you should see a lot about Lurch, Nerd, and Dobby and there should be pics in some too. All of my guys have been Maxis and at least two of them were DNA males. Nerd I always assumed was male but he could also be very sweet and gentle with me. Dobby is into everything and loves my sister best so far. Lurch was Lurch and there should be plenty about him here.
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: cab124 on November 28, 2017, 06:35:38 PM
I would really like to learn more about male Maxis.  Cosmo was a female who had a lot of hormone/nesting behaviors which were often very challenging to live with.

Do you enjoy having a male?  What are Maxi personalities like?
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: Dartman on November 28, 2017, 08:32:29 PM
They are all their own souls. Nerd was very standoffish and shy, took forever to like anything but he loved me. He talked in wild Pionus and we understood each other perfectly. He loved bells and noisy toys, loved finger wrestling, getting scritches and hanging out.
Dobby was aggressive, mad at the world, scared to death and quick to bite when he got here. He very slowly decided I was a friend and at the end flew after me like a feathered puppy. He also loved noisy toys, scritches, hanging out. I got bit a lot as we wore each other down but he was happy at the end. Dobby loves everyone, so far has never bit, loves to whistle and make electronic noises. Lurch talked and was learning new words all the time but could also sound like a drunken pirate. Nerd never talked. Dobby loves whistling to comment and talks, but not as much as Lurch did. You might get a love sponge, you might get a grumpy used parrot but either way with patience and love they'll come around, it might take 5 years like Lurch or be almost immediate like Dobby. Dobby has chosen my sister to be his favorite, Nerd and Lurch chose me but had things only for them and sister to do.
When sister lets Dobby out she must not touch him and wait for him to climb out and fly to her, when I let him out I am required to reach in and let him jump on my hand for a ride out.
They all have their rules and they only apply to certain people sometimes.
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: cab124 on November 29, 2017, 07:41:44 PM
Wow, it sounds like your whole life has been in the company of parrots, Dartman!!!  You have so much experience with Pionuses.  I am curious:  If you had to recommend one species and sex, which do you think you would recommend to someone who has spent the last 21 years with a very sweet, but feisty white cap female?
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: Dartman on November 29, 2017, 10:02:51 PM
Well I like Maxis obviously but if you got on well with a female WC get another female of one of the common ones available. There's no guarantee she'll be like your friend but they are supposed to be a bit more forgiving and gentle. A few had commented that Nerd sounded more like a female with his gentle demeanor when preening my eyelashes and eye lids and things. He also strutted and did male like things and in 31 years never laid a egg.
If Eloy/JT comes on she had a supersized version of a Maxi male, a Maxmillion Si, and a female Maxi. Poor Eloy died suddenly after about 5 years growing up with her and she was devastated but she and the female persevered and she found a female Si to be the other females friend and they are happy with each other and very loving and playful with JT.
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: cab124 on November 30, 2017, 05:26:48 AM
What is a Maximillion Si?  I have not heard that term before.

Yes, I have always heard that the females have a more gentle demeanor.  At the same time, I am afraid of the nesting behavior.  When Cosmo was younger, there were long spans of time (month, years) when she had no interest in interacting with me at all. She simply wanted out of her cage so that she could find a crack or crevice to build a nest in.  Those were some difficult times for me!!

Even in her later years, she would always beg for me to hold her up to my closed closet doors so that she could peer through the crack. 
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: Dartman on November 30, 2017, 05:52:33 PM
They are  just like a Maxmillion but about a third or so bigger. Eloy had a attitude a lot like Lurch in a bigger package. Hopefully Eloy/JT logs in soon as she's the one to ask as she's had 2 of them so far. I had never heard of them either, but when I got Ferd and Nerd as brothers in 78 I had never heard of or seen a Maxmillion Pionus before and they were so quiet and gentle. I think they were new to the pet trade in 78 as I couldn't find any information about them for years.
The Practical Pionus by Russ Shade is a great book about them and I know Jan here was selling them and you can still order them from his website if your lucky.
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: cab124 on November 30, 2017, 08:30:47 PM
Wow, a third bigger would make for a pretty large parrot!!  I would love to see some pictures.

I found this article on Maximillion Pionus that is pretty good.  Actually, this site has quite a few good Pionus articles.


I will check out that book!
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: Dartman on December 04, 2017, 09:49:35 PM
Thanks, just read the article now, was pretty good. The bird in their picture has the dark horizontal stripes on each side of his eyes like Dobby does. My other Maxis never had that feature, their eye suround was just white.
They certainly do become loyal and trusting of their chosen one as Nerd bird thought I was his world and just loved hanging out with me. Lurch eventually got there and Dobby has chosen my sister and chases her whenever she tries to leave.
Title: Re: New Member Here!
Post by: cab124 on December 05, 2017, 08:43:58 PM
Yes, they really do become loyal and trusting, which really makes for a tight bond.  I think that is one of the features that makes it so hard to lose them.