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Title: Lurch crashed into curtains yesterday
Post by: Dartman on January 20, 2013, 10:46:55 AM
Well I'm trying to thin down the cars around here so I went out in the backyard to trade parts from the 71 Scamp we are selling to the 78 van I'm keeping. I see no reason to give away a nice pair of euro spec headlights or the 100 amp cop alternator I added to it years ago seeing how it wont add any value to the Scamp and the parts are hard to find these days so might as well upgrade the van with them.
Let the lummox out and was outside working and after a while figured I should warm up and check on him. Well he was nowhere to be found so I started looking around and I noticed the thin curtains by the dining room shaking and chirpy noise coming from the area. Lurch had either startled when I opened the door or flew over to the window to watch and missed.
I gently moved the curtains and box we haven't unpacked yet that he was wound up in and eventually worked him out and picked him up. He seemed fine but the minute he saw his cage he tried to fly over to it and missed again, bouncing off the wall and sliding down to the floor behind it. Of course I started rushing over for another rescue but suddenly he popped out  and I figured he'd go to the ladder I just put back to the floor and run up it to the top of his cage to sulk....BUT NO!... he came running like a scared puppy right to me... :thumbsup: He let me pick him up and seemed very happy to be rescued and comforted after such a horrendous insult to his pride.
Made me feel really great that he wanted daddy rather then to run to his safe house which was closer :shades:
Title: Re: Lurch crashed into curtains yesterday
Post by: Cetan on January 20, 2013, 03:48:17 PM
Glad he is OK. Adam had a little bit of a night fright last night, I heard him flapping and went into the living room and he was sitting on the bottom of the cage. When he saw me he climbed back up to his sleeping perch but did let me reach in and give him a few scritches
Title: Re: Lurch crashed into curtains yesterday
Post by: Dartman on January 20, 2013, 11:28:28 PM
Yeah, he's fine and stayed put today while I finished up on the cars. Nerd used to have frights too but pretty sure with him his foot would fall asleep then he'd wake up to a numb non working foot and completely freak. He wouldn't see me and would jump at any sound and bite anything that touched him. After about 5 minutes he'd go back to normal and start chirping, eating, and wanting scritches
Usually I'd just make sure he couldn't hurt himself and talk gently to him tolet him know he was safe.