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Registry for all parrot species! A Free Service to all!
A Registry for "Leg Bands Codes".
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A Parrot Breeder who keeps good records of their baby birds will usually have and keep hatch dates, sexing and other info. If you are a owner of a pet bird you can search our leg band registry to see if the breeder has entered their leg band code(s) and contact info. Getting breeder information added into our database will help others to find out who and where their bird has originated from.

General Info before you search: If the breeder of your bird has not registered their info for our database, then you will not get a result from searching.

If you want to do a search on who raised your parrot, you can search our database based on a leg band code. The band would be usually up to 3 initials which usually stands for the name of the breeder or aviary name and 2 letters for the state the bird was raised in by the breeder.

Currently the database contains 229 entries. The registry has been available since March 2009.

Breeders ONLY: Register Your Leg Band Codes Below

For Breeders & Aviaries, please submit your leg band code info in the form below, this will add your leg band code into our database. If you have more than one band code you use, please register each one separately. This allows a person to search our database to locate you for hatch dates, ect.

Pet Owners can only search Leg Band Codes ABOVE to Search for a leg band code which are the first 2 or 3 initials, exclude any numbers you see.

The Form below is ONLY if you are a Breeder for Submitting Leg Band Codes to our Database! All Entries are reviewed before they are activated into the database.
Pet Owners PLEASE DO NOT use the form below, the form below is not to find info on your pet bird ... use the Search Box above to seek out breeder leg band code of your bird.

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